Today Russia is the biggest weapon exporter of the world and delivers, primarily, to China, India, in Iran and Syria.

Sacharov-Preis für Ludmilla Alexejewa

Verleihung des Sacharov-Preis für Ludmilla Alexejewa
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LAOGAI - The Chinese Gulag

While the GULAG system in the Soviet Union has been decreased during the 80-ties and 90-ties (at least for foreigners), the Chinese Gulag, called LAOGAI, is being increased. Annually approx. 500.000 Chinese disappear into this "Slave Labor" and "Annihilation camps" ("LAOGAI: The Chinese Gulag" by Hongda Harry Wu, published1992). This vast network of camps serves the production of cheap goods enabling China in part a gigantic economic boom at present.

  • China has no constitution of it`s own to date
  • 15.000 bis 20.000 healthy human beings are being executed annually in order to supply their international organ business
  • Germany is paying China over 67 mil. Euro per year on development aid.